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54Articles/ year

Steam injection

2250Articles/ year

Nitrogen injection

600Mouth / year

Minor maintenance well

15Mouth / year

Overhaul maintenance well

15Mouth / year

Side drilling

3Ten thousand tons / year

Annual output of oil field chemicals

  • Integrated Development Service for Low Production Oil Field
  • Improvement of oil recovery
  • Heavy oil reservoir chemicals for EOR
  • Low permeability reservoir chemical
  • Oil-field Chemicals


Shandong Deshi Petroleum Engineering Group Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 2002, is specialized in providing complete solutions to improve the chemical method of oil recovery, R & D and production of state-level high-tech enterprises and related technologies and products, is Chinese Petroleum Group, Sinopec group of important material suppliers and technical service providers, the provincial "re employment demonstration base", "AAA grade credit enterprise".

At present, the group business is divided into four parts: conventional reservoir chemistry, enhanced oil recovery, heavy oil reservoir chemical method, enhanced oil recovery, low permeability reservoir chemical method, enhanced oil recovery and comprehensive treatment of produced liquid. Group adhere to the scientific research led development strategy, since 2004 has established the "enterprise technology center", and have industry experts (of which more than 2 members of the State Council special allowance), has a strong advantage in the same industry; after years of research, the high oil recovery against the formation of core technology four business segments: conventional reservoir
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  • 16 November 2018

  • 16 November 2018

  • 16 November 2018